Civilization 2.0 Writing

“Poetry is the most efficient way to render a moment.”
– Mother Ayahuasca

I believe that we are in the midst of a phase shift in our current civilization. We are pushing the limits of our society and our planet. Exponential technology has accelerated our growth and expansion of our species in way that is chaotic and challenging. Humanity collectively has the technology, the will, and the modalities to transform our individual selves and our collective consciousness.

I create technical white papers, design documents, business plans, pitch decks for companies that are focused on identifying and addressing important problems.

I write articles on Medium as a personal exploration and exercise.

I also published a book in 2018. I’ve since evolved some of my understanding of these topics, but it’s an interesting snapshot of 2018 me.

Team Hemp

In order to generate significant adoption, hemp fiber for textiles must overcome several obstacles:

  • Established supply chains using cotton and synthetics are entrenched.
  • Legal and technical challenges with THC content in hemp crop.
  • Challenges with processing limit the viability of hemp fiber for the textile industry.

We believe that hemp is one of the most important plants and materials for the future of the Earth and Humanity. A successful transition to a hemp based material ecosystem is a critical component of a circular economy.

I have assembled a multi-disciplinary team to focus on industrial hemp projects.

Public Speaking

I speak at events and conferences on different technology topics.



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