Yuan Wang

I am an experienced executive, technologist, and entrepreneur who has expertise in systems design, team management, and go-to-market launches for large scale multi-million user projects. 

For over two decades, I designed, coded and operated some of the most popular 3D video games in history including Descent, Lucasarts’ Jedi Knight and World of Warcraft. I built multiple startups, launched massively online games, assembled high-performing multi-disciplinary teams, and served as an executive at Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and Midway Games.

I’ve has built and operated multiple startups, served as an executive at the world’s most successful entertainment companies and has spent the past several years working on artificial intelligence, internet technologies, industrial hemp, and transformative technology. 

Talent Stack

Design – game design, game theory, systems architecture

Software – assemble and lead software development teams

Business – go-to-market strategy, business development, startups

Research & writing – technical white papers, presentations

Public speaking – technology, transformation

Transformative Tech – shamanism, psychedelic research, 易經 (Yi Jing)

What I’m up to now.



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