Yuan Wang is a metagame designer, consultant, and author. For over two decades, Yuan designed, coded and operated some of the most popular 3D video games in history including Descent, Lucasarts’ Jedi Knight and World of Warcraft. He has built multiple startups, launched large scale massively online games, built and managed high-performance multi-disciplinary teams, and served as an executive at Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and Midway Games. Yuan is currently working on data, blockchain and AI technology to wisely accelerate humanity towards Civilization 2.0.


Unbreaking the Wheel

For the Metagame of Civilization, how do we Unbreak the Wheel?
June 11, 2019


The Great Game Over [SPOILERS]

Reflections on the ending of Game of Thrones.
May 26, 2019



Yuan speaks regularly at conferences on the topics of gaming, blockchain, AI, data, and future technology.


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