Yuan Wang


Yuan “YEN” Wang is an executive focused on material science and industrial hemp for a more regenerative world and creating transformative experiences. What I’m up to now.


Esoteric go-to-market consultancy

Yuan leads a small team of technology and operational experts that focus on organizational and go-to-market strategies to bring new disruptive technologies and platforms to the world.

treeoflife.pngFoundationZ Sacred Journeys

Transformational Experiences

Yuan is a co-founder and architect of FoundationZ Sacred Journeys, an experiential education organization with a mission to unite humanity to live with less fear and more love. We held our first retreat, Dao Mastery Training on Bowen Island in Vancouver in November 2019 with 15 students where we studied the mystical Yijing, Tai Chi, and ancient meditation techniques with Master Wudang Chen.

Retired from Video Games

For over two decades, Yuan designed, coded and operated some of the most popular 3D video games in history including Descent, Lucasarts’ Jedi Knight and World of Warcraft. He has built multiple startups, launched large scale massively online games, built and managed high-performance multi-disciplinary teams, and served as an executive at Blizzard Entertainment, Disney, and Midway Games.

Yuan also spent a few years doing research and development in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, decentralized ledger technology, and Civilization 2.0 design.



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