NOW 20210203

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I’m currently visiting Taipei, Taiwan and will be in town until at least March 26, 2021. My eldest daughter Katie and I are here to spend some quality time with my parents, and I’m also connecting with the cryptocurrency, technology, and mental health communities while I’m here.


I’ve been consistently writing on Substack since my 50th birthday in 2020. I recently made it invite only. Contact me if you want to read it.

I joined Clubhouse on January 9, 2021, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a bit addicting. So far, I’ve hosted a room with MAPS on Asian Americans and Psychedelics, and hosted a room on Civilization 2.0, the Future of Society and Self with Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste. I’ve also been obsessed with the War, Defense, and International Security club and have been sharing cybersecurity and systems design insights from my time working on MMOGs.


  • Serving & leading software teams that are developing parts of the Open Metaverse stack.
  • Building a prototype of a 100% electric 46′ carbon fiber sailing yacht from the future.
  • Working on projects in XR and supporting clinical research for psilocybin for pain treatment as a Visiting Scholar at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego.
  • Mentoring startups at Chinaccelerator/MOX.

Updated from Taipei, Taiwan on February 3, 2021