NOW 20210615

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Summer in San Diego

I extended my original trip to Taiwan until late May 2021 and, after some problems with United Airlines changing my flight without notification, I’m back in San Diego now. I suppose my timing was impeccable, and I avoided the COVID-19 lock down that happened as I was leaving.

I am back in San Diego, and back to “cleaning my room”. Today we just had a tree service company and give our front and back yard a buzz cut, removing two large trees, many small trees, and shaping the rest of the trees and shrubs. “Burning off the deadwood.”

I also started a few projects while I was in Taiwan that are in the creation phase. More info to come soon.

I took a break from writing on Substack. I published an essay or some thoughts almost every single day for from November 2020 to April 2021, then got busy with Taiwan life. Now that I’m back in the suburban solitude of San Diego, I am planning to re-establish the practice. I am experiencing a bit of a reverse culture shock in back in the US.

Updated in San Diego, California on Jun 15, 2021